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OneQor Digital provides turnkey affiliate marketing and campaign management tools in a single easy-to user interface.

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Driving Superior Monetization

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Advertiser Affiliate Marketing for CBD Brands

The right message
across the right channels.

Whether you need to acquire new customers, generate leads or drive other essential customer actions, OneQor Digital has the tools and the expertise to deliver the right message to the right audience on a performance basis. Our focus is on driving maximum revenue for CBD oil brands.


Designed to help you monetize your audience, passively and with minimal work.

We understand that you are busy growing your brand and your business. In fact, we believe that’s exactly what you should be doing. OneQor Digital offers you a unique opportunity to monetize your audience with offers from top CBD brands. We provide opportunities for long-term residual income to compliment your existing sponsored campaigns for each sale you drive.

Our programs are designed to scale with you, so as you become more comfortable, we can offer additional possibilities to grow your passive income.

Influencer Affiliate Monetization with OneQor Digital


Publisher Affiliate Marketing at OneQor Digital

Monetize your content more efficiently with highly targeted offers.

Our platform is continuing to grow with some of the best CBD brands in the industry and we remain focused on creating the most relevant offers to your audience. Your dedicated Account Manager will work with you to provide access to newly released products, invite-only campaigns and drive the best possible conversion based on your traffic distribution.

By working closely with advertisers, we develop custom offers and exclusive campaigns from the best CBD brands that you can’t find anywhere else. We keep track of emerging market trends to continuously drive the best performance. By consistently releasing strong and unique network offers to our publishers, we maximize your earnings efficiently and with scale.

Driving Superior Monetization

Quality. Experience. Scale. Technology.